Queen A’s Kitchen 

Located at only 5 minutes walking distance on the Astrid Square, Queen A’s Kitchen offers tasty food in a relaxed, open plan Kitchen.  Additionally, all guests of PREMIER SUITES PLUS Antwerp receive a 10% off their bill at this restaurant.

PREMIER SUITES PLUS Antwerp is located on walking distance of a wide range of European, Exotic and Belgian Restaurants.

Thanks to the port of Antwerp, all kinds of foods, drinks, herbs and spices from all over the world have been introduced since as early as the 16th century, influencing the city’s gastronomy. 

Antwerp has also numerous Michelin-starred restaurants including;

  • ’t Zilte **
  • The Jane **
  • Bistrot du Nord *
  • Dôme *
  • Het Gebaar *
  • Kommilfoo *
  • Lam & Yin *
  • L’épicerie du Cirque *
  • ’t Fornuis *
  • The Glorious *
In the area around PREMIERS SUITES PLUS Antwerp you’ll find several kosher restaurants as the Jewish culture also has a strong presence in Antwerp.