Discovering the most relaxing locations in Antwerp.

Brussels may be the capital of Belgium, but the inhabitants of the City often think otherwise. Antwerp is without a doubt the capital of fashion and entertainment. You'll find a nice combination of historic and modern architecture, amusing clubs, trendy shops, the best coffee bars, interesting museums and wonderful places to relax. At the beginning of the 20th century Antwerp was for two months in fact the capital of Belgium.
We already knew it was an absolute metropoli...


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Easter Antwerp

City trip to Antwerp during Easter
You could choose to spend your Easter vacation in one of the more popular tourist destinations in Belgium but be prepared for crowds, queues and a long wait to see any of the attractions. This year, avoid the crowds and spend your Easter getaway in Antwerp - Brussels trendier and cooler sister! If you’re planning your Easter getaway to Antwerp, or anywhere in Belgium, don’t forget that public transport will be running according to the Sunday timeta...

Antwerp 10 Miles

1. Improve your health
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From Brussels Airport to Antwerp

So, you’ve booked your flights for your trip, you’ve secured excellent accommodation in PREMIER SUITES Antwerp and you’re all packed and ready to do. But have you planned how to get from the airport to Antwerp City Centre? Don’t be left stranded at Brussels Airport, read our handy guide for the most efficient ways to get to the city centre. There a number of ways to get to Antwerp, some more expensive or faster than others so choose the method that best suits you.

Travel by Taxi