City trip to Antwerp during Easter

You could choose to spend your Easter vacation in one of the more popular tourist destinations in Belgium but be prepared for crowds, queues and a long wait to see any of the attractions. This year, avoid the crowds and spend your Easter getaway in Antwerp - Brussels trendier and cooler sister! If you’re planning your Easter getaway to Antwerp, or anywhere in Belgium, don’t forget that public transport will be running according to the Sunday timetable on both Easter Sunday and bank holiday Monday and shops are closed both days too. Here are our picks to make the most of your Easter trip to Antwerp.

Churches and Cathedrals

Easter is a religious holiday so what better time to visit some of the most beautiful churches and cathedrals in the city. One of our most notable churches is St. Pauls. Built in 1571, the Baroque style of architecture is a reflection of the time and is noticeable both inside & outside. Inside you can enjoy artwork by the masters, the beautiful wood carvings lining the walls, the ornate organ, some beautiful statues and as you're leaving you can visit the gorgeous calvary garden. Bear in mind that religious services will be taking place on Sunday & Monday mornings so if you’d rather not attend a service, wait until later in the day.


We have a varied and interesting past in Antwerp, most of which has been encapsulated in our many museums across the city. You could visit our Diamond Museum to learn more about the lucrative industry that put us on the map. Rubens' House in Antwerp is an exceptional behind the scenes look into the work of this master artist & to enjoy some of his more popular works. Plantin-Moretus Museum will teach you all about the history of printing and Vleeshuis Museum looks back at six hundred years of music and dance in the city. If you’re spending a bank holiday weekend in Antwerp you should note that most museums in Belgium are closed on Mondays and you should do your cultural exploring before then.

Antwerp Zoo

Easter is a popular time for family trips and there is no better way to entertain your little ones than a trip Antwerp’s excellent zoo. It is the oldest zoo in the country and one of the oldest in the world, having been established in 1843. The zoo is not only a great way to spend a day with family, it will also educate you all about the animal kingdom with all sorts of unusual and fascinating species on display. There are informative chats, Q&Asamp; and feeding displays across the weekend so make sure to check their website to time your visit well. The zoo isn’t just for families either, they host conferences, birthday parties and it’s an excellent place for an alternative first date! They offer ticket bundles and a special discount when you book your tickets online in advance.

Shopping in Antwerp

As we mentioned, Easter isn’t the best time to plan a shopping spree in Antwerp with shops closed (as always) on Sunday & again on bank holiday Monday. Depending when you arrive, you can still spend a couple of days enjoying our excellent shopping scene. Antwerp is a fashion city with many famous designer’s flagship stores across our high streets. If you’d like to avoid the mainstream, pay a visit to the Vogeltjesmarkt on Saturdays. It was originally a market where birds, poultry and rodents were sold (hence the name) and is now a tourist market where the birds make up only a small part of the offering. These days you’ll find a mixture of clothing, antiques, flea market goods, second-hand items and traditional food vendors. Best of all it’s a short 10-minute walk from PREMIER SUITES PLUS Antwerp.

The thing we love most about Antwerp is that it’s a lot less touristy than more popular spots like Brugge & Brussels and the laid back attitude of our locals. To enjoy the best of Antwerp on your Easter Break, make sure to stay in the heart of the city. PREMIER SUITES PLUS Antwerp offer great value, excellent facilities and a convenient location for exploring the city. Book direct for our best available rates.

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