1. Improve your health

Running a marathon always comes hand in hand with good preparation, such as pre-exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Exercise is proven to decrease heart risks and blood pressure. People also often get a good and relieved feeling after a good run, which is also known as the ‘runner’s high’. Did you know you can get this euphoric feeling when the body releases happy endorphins in the brain? It reduces pain levels in the body as a result and gives you more energy. So if you feel short on energy and you would like to switch up your daily routine, it’s time to put on your running shoes and put your eyes on that finish line!

2. Support a good cause

Running the 10 Miles will not only benefit your physical and mental health. All the hard work you put into it can also help a good cause. Participants can add a donation of 10 euro at their registration. This year all donations will go to two organizations that focus on helping people with mental or physical conditions: Paralympic Team Belgium and Dorp Nr 2. Koningin Fabiola. Many companies also enter the competition as a group to support an organization of choice.

3. Unwind

Running a marathon does not have to be all about running! Combine the 10 Miles with a relaxed weekend in the heart of Antwerp. Although you want to be prepared for the race, it is good to take it easy the day before the big day and unwind. Taking a hotel will save you all the stress and worries of travelling to the city. People who would just like to watch and support the runners from the sideline could also just take this event as a chance to explore Antwerp. Book a one-night stay and dive into the city the day before the race. Enjoy a drink at one of the many bars in the Old Town, put your endurance to the test by walking down the Meir for a shopping spree or visit Antwerp’s landmarks such as the Central Station, the MAS Museum or the cathedral.

4. Unique experience

Not everyone can say they have run across the city with thousands of other people. The feeling of running towards the same goal together will make you feel powerful! Also thrilling about the 10 Miles is that you get to run through tunnels that are normally only accessible by vehicles. Many people describe it as an adrenalizing experience when running towards the light at the end of the tunnel.

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